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Central Coast Bridal Hair and Makeup| Why You Should Book A Trial

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

Are you a bride having trouble picking a hair and makeup artist for your wedding? Booking a trial is always a recommendation! A hair and makeup trial will relieve a lot of weight off your shoulders, give you a sense of the look you are or aren't looking for, and let you go into the day of your wedding with confidence knowing you will look your finished look. There are several reasons why a hair and makeup trial before your big day is a must, but I would like to highlight three top reasons.

  1. Meet Your Bridal Hair and Makeup Artist

It is a great idea to meet and establish a relationship with your vendors, let alone the person who will be glamming you up for your wedding day. Allowing the artist to understand your preferences in hair and makeup so that she can execute the look you have been dreaming over.

Out of the list of things you have to do before your big day, this will check the hair and makeup category off your wedding list. Signing your contract, securing deposits, and discussing the hair and makeup schedule details on the day of the wedding will put you at ease going into the big day.

2. You Can Perfect Your Bridal Look

A bridal hair and makeup trial will allow you to see yourself as a bride. Have you been wondering whether you would like your hair up or down? Why not try both during the trial? If you have never worn false lashes but are interested in them, trying them out during the trial is a fantastic idea.

Bring your bridal accessories and veil to the trial run and let your stylist put them on you to get the whole look. You can always try on your dress at home to visualize how you will look and feel on the wedding day.

3. Booking Wisely

Booking your hair and makeup trial in advance may be more beneficial for you. For wedding professionals, Saturdays are peak days and are booked with other events. Booking during the week or on a Sunday is best. Shoot for the same day as your bridal shower or engagement photos while your hair and makeup is done for the day! Why not take advantage and kill two birds with one stone for all the bridal activities?!

Written by Ariel Sario, Owner of First Look Bridal Hair and Makeup

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